“Art helps us identify with one another and expand our notion of we from the local to the global”

-Olafur Eliasson

About Us

The story of Arts4Special starts with a photographer, a painter and a cat named Paola.

A chance meeting and discussion with featured artist Anke Espey and friends about digitalisation, e-commerce, and art led to the setup of the Arts4Special platform featuring Anke’s wearable art and my photography.

On a visit to Italy, I was introduced to artist Ellie Hesse (and her cat Luna) by my best buddy, Andreas. As a result, the idea of adding limited-edition series to the platform was born. It was also the beginning of a love affair between my daughter Sophia and one of Luna’s kittens, who we agreed to adopt.

Between organising to adopt and transport the kitten across Europe and navigating the red tape that involved, we had time to cement this idea. Ellie Hesse joined our community of artists and Arts4specials limited-editions was launched. We named the kitten, Paola after San Paolo Sabina – the area in Italy where our story started.

She remains an integral part of the operation

About You

Do you love art and photography?

If you are (or want to be) an art collector, an interior designer, an art lover looking to fill your home with images that resonate with you, or just curious; we help you find great, limited-edition and original artwork from our community of artists. Your purchase will support a living artist and help them create more art.

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Our Team

collect art Reinhard Eschbach

Reinhard Eschbach

Reinhard is our founder, backend wiz, and featured artist. He has a strong background in technology, e-commerce and business development. His passion for photography started in the 80s with an analog Nikon Camera. He loves to show the human form inside his landscapes. Since making Cambridge his family home 6 years ago, he set up Arts4Special to showcase up-and-coming talent and never-before-seen works of art.

Paola collecting art


Paola is an Italian cat, Co-founder of Arts4Special and advisor. When she is not hassling Reinhard’s dog Lucy, she can be found in his office contributing to the project.

Our Featured Artists

Our international, eclectic mix of artists include award-winning photographers, established painters, mixed-media artists, and digital creatives. Our community of artists is set to expand and we want to connect you with them. We take pride in offering our artists a fair deal.

They sell on their own terms and set their own prices.

Ellie Hesse Wonderlandtownscape

Ellie Hesse

Ellie Hesse is a painter, world traveler, animal lover, and self-taught artist.  Known for her vibrant Wonderland Townscapes, she is a mixed-media artists, but her preferred tool is the palette knife. She offers limited-edition prints of her selected paintings.

María Burgaz

María studied Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, and since then she has shown her work in galleries and Art Centres all over Spain and abroad. She has also won many awards that recognise her talent and trajectory. Her work is in many public and private collections around the globe.

Herman van Bon photographer

Herman van Bon

Herman van Bon is a Dutch photographer and digital artist living in South Africa. Highly experimental, he finds inspiration in nature and landscapes. He offers digitally manipulated photographs out of Africa.

Murray Laidlaw photographer

Murray Laidlaw

Murray has been a full-time photographer since 2009 after a long haul in TV production. His images have been used in newspapers, magazines, and brochures and are minimal and ethereal.  He offers a few different limited-edition series.

Stèphane Vereecken surreal photographer

Stéphane Vereecken

Stephane Vereecken is a Belgian, multidisciplinary artist who has been exhibiting internationally since 1996. His images have been published in magazines in Europe and America. Tending towards the surreal, he offers a few different limited-edition series.

Anke Espey WearableArt

Anke Espey

Anke is a German painter with a strong background in photography and design. She had been exhibiting her photos for over 20 years before branching into painting. She offers a few different series of limited-edition wearable art pieces.

Reinhard Eschbach photographer arts4special

Reinhard Eschbach

Reinhard is a German photographer, world traveller, and Cambridge resident. He specialises in landscape, event and portrait photography. He particularly likes taking photos of landscapes and offers a series of stunning limited-edition photographs.

Our Mission

We believe that art and culture contribute to our well-being and are antidotes to modern life. We particularly love the energy of contemporary art and its transformative capabilities, both personally and in society.

We are here to connect you to our artists, help you discover unique art, start off or rev up your art collection, or simply fill your home with art that you love. And with your contribution you will support artists who make their living from art.

Feel free to email us with any questions, comments or suggestions.

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For tips on collecting art and a look behind the scenes

Delivered to your inbox once a month

(You’ll also get 10% off your first purchase*)

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