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The Magic Circus of Dreams” by artist Ellie Hesse

These are open edition prints of paintings that form part of a collection of 8 large works in a series entitled “The Magic Circus of Dreams” by artist Ellie Hesse.

Ellie explains that the reference to a circus is not meant as literal but rather as a metaphor for a mental space we can enter into, leaving our daily concerns behind us and experience another dimension. A different reality, where the horse represents our connection to our own vital energy, passion and spirit.

The acrobats, only faintly visible in the paintings, do not exert any form of control over their steeds but rather move over the horses as if riding the waves of the sea, with lightness, harmony and joy.

In the creation of this collection of paintings, the artist was inspired by the circus paintings of Toulouse Lautrec and chose to include pieces of collage from vintage French newspapers dating back to the early 1900s.

A feeling of movement and energy is evoked by the gestural, loose style of drawing visible in these highly original, mixed media pieces.

Prints are produced on archival paper that ensures longevity on Somerset Enhanced Velvet 255 gsm paper.

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© All artwork is the sole copyright of the artist Ellie Hesse