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How do we support your marketing strategy?

We will help you develop your marketing strategy. By helping you promote your brand, we inadvertently help promote ours too!

What does that mean?

We will provide you with a custom URL on the Arts4Special site. This is a link to your very own personalised landing page. Anytime we refer to the landing page in the text, it will be the same as your custom URL. We will give you the option to  either have a separate URL for yourself www.arts4special/artist or if you want to promote your brand, use www.arts4special/artistbrand. Whenever we run a specific promotion, the URL to this promotion will include either your name or your brand.

We will allocate a part of our marketing activities to each artist and are focusing initially on Facebook and Instagram.

Unsure? Take a look at these stats.

Reached 425,934People
Impressions 649,816People
Actions 157,759People

What have we done in 2018:

  • reached 425,934 people with our adverts. This is the number of people who saw our adverts at least once.
  • generated 649,816 impressions. This is number of times our adverts were on-screen.

In addition, 157,759 actions have been taken. Actions include engagement, clicks or conversions.

Our adverts achieve a relevance score of above 6 (a rating from 1 to 10 estimates how well your target audience is responding to our ad). This score is shown only after receiving more than 500 impressions.

More details ...

A majority of the adverts link directly to the landing page of individual artists. In addition, by sharing these ads on your social media channels, you increase awareness of yourself and your brand.

You can use the adverts we create to promote your own art on your social media accounts or on your own website. The only thing we ask is that you use the relevant hashtag (#arts4special) or link to your landing page on Arts4Special. This way, we can repost if necessary and this increases your chances of being seen.

Some best practice tips

Present your art in possible customer environments.

Take a picture of your art to present to would-be buyers and make sure it’s as true to life as possible. We offer you a free online course with some tips on how to take the image and how to best present your image in a customer environment. If you provide us with a high-resolution image of your art, then we can display your art like this:

Our online course will give you step by step instructions on how to create this image. In addition, we also provide our artists with Photoshop templates.

Write a Detailed Artist Bio and Accurate Artwork Descriptions

Our customers are not only interested in your art but also in the artist (you) and your background.

The more interesting you can make it, the better. Some of our current artists talk about their childhood, the story behind the art, what inspired them to create their masterpieces. Look at it from a potential customer’s point of view – if you were thinking of making a purchase, what would you like to know?

We also use this information in our advertising campaigns to attract potential customers to your landing page on Arts4Special.

Be consistent in your social media presence. Always refer to your landing page or specific art you want to promote.

Give detailed information about your art – the technique used and everything else that’s relevant. The more compelling your story, the easier it is to attract customers to your landing page. This information also helps the team at Arts4Special promote you on the site.

Pricing strategy

We know this is the most challenging part, but we’re here to help! Some questions to think about before coming up with a pricing strategy:

  • How many hours have you spent developing your art?
  • What do you think is a reasonable rate for one hour?
  • Who is your competition? How much are they selling their works?

Be consistent in your pricing strategy. If you offer different sizes of limited edition prints, reflect this in the pricing structure. You could develop a total price based sq. cm for example.

At the end of the day, it is all about testing the market. On request, we will provide you with relevant data.

Keywords and Hashtags

Think about keywords and hashtags before you start describing your art. You’ll want to make sure that your keywords are relevant to your product. This way, customers are more likely to click your ad as they search for specific terms. It’s the same with hashtags.

Define a category that best describes your art. On Arts4Special we will offer customers the ability to search through specific categories. For example, you might have an image that could improve the interior of a living room, and in this case, you could choose ‘home’ as your category. Or if your image is targeted to a specific audience, say children, then you would want to choose that as your category.

How do I share from Arts4Special to social media, i.e. Facebook?

Simply login and search for the product you want to share and click on the button.

Each product page includes Facebook, Twitter and Google+ share links, where you can very easily share your art directly on your social media channels without having to create individual ads.


Remember, all this takes time but if you’re consistent then your hard work will pay off.

Arts4Special will help you promote your art in a very personalised way, in a way that is authentic to you. Our artists are incredibly important to us and we are here to give you peace of mind. All you need to do is create amazing artworks – we’ll do the rest.

We are looking forward to working with you.

Sounds great! How do I get started?

After you create an account with us, someone from the team will review your details and if your submission is successful, will send you a confirmation email with next steps.

You will then get access to our online courses, Photoshop templates and other interesting material to ensure your product stands out!

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Your Arts4Special Team.

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