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Storytelling in Art and the Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is natural to artists. They are, after all, visual storytellers and often the reason they became an artist was to do with their need to tell a story, creating a narrative within their work. The story may start as a single sketch, photograph or painting and often continues to become a set, series or […]

Drawing with Light – How Photography became Art.

Photography, these days is considered an art. It is also the art of creating long-lasting images using light. But it was well after practical photography first burst on to the scene in the 1830s, that it came to be thought of as an art form. It’s almost 200 years since the first crude images (or […]

Reinhard H.W. Brand (RHWB) describes his art – part 1

Corten Steel Stele The trademark CORTEN steel, sometimes written without the hyphen as corten steel, is a group of steel alloys which were developed to eliminate the need for painting, and form a stable rust-like appearance after several years exposure to weather. This images from Reinhard show some art where corten steel plays its own [...]

Where to Find Art you Love

Finding art you love is easier than ever these days. Most people like to buy art from living artists, making their creative process possible and sustainable. Are you are an art collector, an interior designer or simply looking for those special pieces to complete your home, office or holiday house? Authentic, affordable art is within […]

How do we support your marketing strategy?

We will help you develop your marketing strategy. By helping you promote your brand, we inadvertently help promote ours too! What does that mean? We will provide you with a custom URL on the Arts4Special site. This is a link to your very own personalised landing page. Anytime we refer to the landing page in [...]

Where to Place Art – Insider Tips

With some careful thought, choosing a piece of artwork for your living space can transform and instil it with an individual charm. From minimalist contemporary pieces to colourful pop-art and photography, make your interior extraordinary by displaying your artwork like a pro. It makes a great difference if you know some of the tricks of [...]

Art and Social Media

An online presence is essential for any business in the post-digital age. Your social media accounts are in essence your ‘shop window’ if you like. A good online presence makes your artwork accessible to collectors and a wider audience than ever before. Of course, this also means that there is more competition than ever before, […]

Behind Magical Circus of Dreams

Behind the Scenes "Magical Circus of Dreams" by artist Ellie Hesse These is a series of open edition prints of paintings that form part of a collection of 8 large works in a series entitled "The Magic Circus of Dreams" by artist Ellie Hesse. Ellie Hesse explains that the reference to a circus is not [...]

Art – Hobby or Profession?

Art – Hobby or Profession? Art and photography often start out as hobbies and as the artists build the skills and techniques required, before thinking about doing it full time. Other times, it happens by chance when a friend or acquaintance offers to buy an artwork. There is a significant difference between art as a hobby […]

Art and Technology

Art and Technology 📷 Markus Spiske Technology and the computer age have had an enormous influence on many aspects of our lives, and Art is no exception. Advances in technology have changed the way we make art, view art, print art, share art, and buy and sell art. Herman Van Bon - The HitchHiker What is [...]