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Art and Technology 📷 Markus Spiske Technology and the computer age have had an enormous influence on many aspects of our lives, and Art is no exception. Advances in technology have changed the way we make art, view art, print art, share art, and buy and sell art. Herman Van Bon - The HitchHiker What is [...]

Why do people collect artwork? – And why you should too

Why do people collect artwork? – And why you should too. Art Collecting has a long history dating back to the earliest civilizations, tailing off during the Middle Ages and gaining traction again during the Renaissance.  Aristocrats and Royalty who had the wealth and influence to commission and collect art amassed great collections. Many of [...]

The Art of Gifting Art

The Art of Gifting Art Astound your loved-ones with a stunning piece of artwork. Art makes a novel and very personal gift. It is a thoughtful way to commemorate a special occasion. A gift that brings a lifetime of joy for the recipient. Great art, much like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder [...]

A Brief Guide to Limited Edition Prints

Famous artists such as Lucien Freud, Pablo Picasso and Ellsworth Kelly all made released limited edition prints during their careers, some of which are worth a lot of money these days. You made have heard the term limited-edition prints bandied about, but what exactly is a limited-edition print and why should you buy a limited edition [...]

Give the gift of art this holiday season

Art evokes an emotional response, drawing you in, stirring your very soul and making you, the viewer, seem involved somehow. A piece of art makes a memorable and unique gift to those who want their senses awakened. Life is, simply, better with art.  Here at Art4Special we have you covered with our featured artists. Carefully [...]

How do we support your marketing strategy?

We will help you develop your marketing strategy. By helping you promote your brand, we inadvertently help promote ours too! What does that mean? We will provide you with a custom URL on the Arts4Special site. This is a link to your very own personalised landing page. Anytime we refer to the landing page in [...]

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Want to learn more about selling art on Arts4Special?

Want to join our growing number of artists? We are looking for artists with innovative and unique ideas, with something a little bit different. Arts4Special only focuses on limited edition artworks. We don’t offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution - rather, we understand that each artist is unique in their own right and therefore [...]

New exhibition (3rd -17th March, 2018) by Reinhard Eschbach showing at Balzano’s Cambridge UK

A journey through the Lands’ - a brand new exhibition by Reinhard Eschbach and his travels through Germany and Thailand showing at Balzano’s, Cambridge, from 3rd -17th March, 2018. Reinhard Eschbach is a German photographer, who has developed a love for capturing the world through his lens ever since he picked up an analog Nikon [...]

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