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Reinhard H.W. Brand (RHWB) describes his art – part 1

Corten Steel Stele

The trademark CORTEN steel, sometimes written without the hyphen as corten steel, is a group of steel alloys which were developed to eliminate the need for painting, and form a stable rust-like appearance after several years exposure to weather.

This images from Reinhard show some art where corten steel plays its own role.

The 2D flat image shows a rusty corten steel stele against a blue sky, painted in complete abandonment of any spatiality. Rusty sculptures always cause incomprehension and rejection, especially when placed as high art in exposed places. Reinhard (RHWB) vehemently opposes this by working out the harmoniously aesthetic appearance and colour of rusty CORTEN steel in its styles. The organic form of the stele shown deliberately sets itself apart from the CORTEN pioneers and, in its ornamentation, takes up the design of Ren Rong, who also lives and works in Bad Godesberg on the Rhine (even in Beijing).

The 2D flat image shows corten steel stele that looks like an abstract 2D figure. On spatial references RHWB renounces completely, the figure floats free, despite the colour black but light and smooth. You can see through the slits in the figure, but there is nothing behind them.

The picture shows a dangerous acting speed trap (car speeding), which is set up in the black-red-gold outfit (colours of the German national flag) with its camera lenses against the Germans favourite child, the car.

With the bright blue sky, the stele only superficially plays on a peaceful idyll.

In this picture, Reinhard (RHWB) converts a typical complex tubular sculpture by Friedrich Gräsel into a 2D flat image. Friedrich also liked to use grey Eternit and stainless steel in its tube sculptures, as well as single-colour, standard industrial tubes in standard industrial colours.

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