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Storytelling in Art and the Art of Storytelling

POPArtFlower by RHWB

Storytelling is natural to artists. They are, after all, visual storytellers and often the reason they became an artist was to do with their need to tell a story, creating a narrative within their work. The story may start as a single sketch, photograph or painting and often continues to become a set, series or entire gallery. The ability of art to evoke an emotional response and tell a story that all humans can understand regardless of language, culture, or age is the true power of art. Other stories, told through a lens, painting or print can connect us to each other and great art can all play a part in the human story too. Imagine the history of any country without its great artists

The Artists’ Story

Not only the story that the artist is trying to tell, but the artists’ story, too is important to art buyers. Knowing a bit about the creator of your new limited-edition print, how he or she became an artist, their vision and what drives them, make the piece of work more personal. It is often the story of the artists that draw us in, wanting to know more. Their thoughts and feelings success and failures, what they dream of and where they have been. Buying art from someone whose story you know, makes it all the more worthwhile to have their art in your home or office.

Art Collectors

Art collectors often want to know the story of the artists, his or her life, turning points, motivation, and ideology. For the serious art collector, all the pieces of the collection are unique and carry a story and connection with its teller. These days, with the art and the artists so much more accessible through digital innovation and the World Wide Web, you can see out the story and the artists yourself.
Art collectors, too, have stories of how, why and when they started collecting artwork. We have a selection of these on our Instagram Highlights.
All of our Artists have their own story to tell through their art. You can find more info about them on our website, but here are two stories I would like to tell you told through the camera lenses of 2 of our featured artists.

The Story of the Lucky Poultry Series

Why lucky you say? Well, that’s the story. As Murray says:

“The lucky poultry series came about through a chance conversation with a hairdresser who had recently taken delivery of some hens rescued from the slaughterhouse. I had been thinking about photographing poultry for some time and this was a great opportunity!

Not knowing what to expect, I arrived at the house prepared for anything. What I found was a couple of dozen hens, by the side of the house. It was a bright sunny morning so I set up a white seamless paper background against the garage wall and draped it over a trestle table. After positioning the camera and doing a couple of test exposures the owner started catching the birds one at a time and placing them on the table for me to photograph. We used their feed to try and persuade them to stay in one place for more than a couple of seconds. A few of the birds were more confident and after pecking at the food would pause and look around, perhaps attracted by the noise of the shutter. It took a couple of hours to get sufficient shots to be confident that the images were both sharp and reasonably well framed.

Post production was relatively straightforward, removing corn and dirt from around the bird’s feet and “repairing” holes in the paper where they had scratched through it. ”

Lucky Poultry Series

See the collection

The Life Story of an Old Man – The Garden Series

Stephane Vereecken is a consummate storyteller. His surreal photos make us look deeper for the meaning and the story. In his Garden Series,  the stories of the people in his photo are featured in the background. About the Garden Series 002 (pictured) he says:
“In this picture, we see the passing of Time. A life that goes forward, never back.
The grass behind the character on the wall symbolizes changing perspectives and landmarks known.

The drawings of small characters evoke the life of the gentleman in the photograph – here an old gentleman, a man broken by life. Also his battle with Time, his time, during his long life.The older the character on the picture, the more drawings there will be. That’s how I see my series “The Garden » ”

See the collection

Storytelling and art are interwoven. A visual narrative uses the power of art to express universal truths, desire, and human experience. Art lovers everywhere appreciate the stories told and bring them into their lives by buying artwork that resonates.

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