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Where to Find Art you Love

Finding art you love is easier than ever these days. Most people like to buy art from living artists, making their creative process possible and sustainable. Are you are an art collector, an interior designer or simply looking for those special pieces to complete your home, office or holiday house? Authentic, affordable art is within reach – here is our helpful guide.

📸Anete Lusina

Buy Art Online

The online art scene is prolific. Informative websites and quality art blogs offer myriad ways to learn about and buy limited-edition prints, original paintings, and photography. The power of the internet means that unique art is available for a range of budgets and styles. Just Google “Buy Art Online” and you’ll see what we mean.

E-commerce sites, like Arts4Special, provide a platform for viewing and buying art and getting to know the featured artists a little better, keeping the purchasing process intimate. We do the work for you by having a carefully curated collection of high-quality pieces on view available for delivery worldwide. In addition, we pick our artists carefully and offer them a very fair deal.

Many artists have their own online galleries where you can purchase straight from the site. Instagram is one of the best places to find emerging artists if you follow hashtags such as #contemporaryart, #contemporaryphotography, #startcollectingartwork. Following your favourite galleries, artists and art platforms will ensure that your feed is filled with visual splendour – perhaps you’ll spot something you just have to have.

📷Deanna J.


Even with all the options online, don’t count out going to a gallery. Not only do local galleries exhibit local and international artists, but the opening nights of the exhibitions are social and fun, providing an opportunity to mix with artists, other art collectors, and art lovers. The smaller galleries provide a chance to see the work of up-and-coming artists. Often, these artists also offer a series of limited-edition prints of their work, which are more affordable than originals.

Often galleries specialize in a certain genre. This means that if you are looking for contemporary photography, find the galleries that specialize in contemporary photography. Galleries can also show you catalogues from previous shows to get a feel for what you like. In addition, they offer carefully curated works and often have a personal relationship with the artist, which makes the buying process more personal.

Buy Art Online

Maria Buraz Collection

Buy Art from Art Fairs

From your local fair to the affordable art fairs have become increasingly popular with up and coming art collectors as places to find new talent. Art fairs can bring many galleries together in one spot and offer an incredible volume and variety of art. Offering a unique opportunity for an art collector, they are great places to discover new talent and get a feeling for the latest trends. The advent of the international Affordable Art Fair has made discovering the joy of collecting art easy. The very first edition of the Affordable Art Fair launched in London’s Battersea Park in October 1999. Since then it has grown and expanded to international locations like New York, London, Paris, Melbourne, and Tokyo – find one closest to you and browse the contemporary collections in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. In addition, you can buy the art instantly – often taking it home with you straight from the fair – no shipping fees!

Our Featured Artist Ellie Hesse exhibited many of her original works at Battersea Affordable Art Fair 2018, such as the above work “Walnut Dash and Polished Chrome”


Besides these official fairs, many local and country art fairs host artists and, if you are lucky and have a good eye, you could discover them before they hit the big time.

Searching for new places to browse, buy and collect art is a real work of pleasure.  With so many places both online and off to find art that you love, seeing what’s out there is half the fun of collecting art.

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