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Why do people collect artwork? – And why you should too

Collecting Art

Why do people collect artwork? – And why you should too.

Art Collecting has a long history dating back to the earliest civilizations, tailing off during the Middle Ages and gaining traction again during the Renaissance.  Aristocrats and Royalty who had the wealth and influence to commission and collect art amassed great collections. Many of the world’s first museums and art galleries sprung from these private collections.

Collecting art is no longer only for the rich and famous. The enormous global marketplace caters for every taste and access to high-quality, affordable art has led to a rise in young collectors.  Also, it is easier for established art collectors to discover up-and-coming artists. There are many reasons that people collect art -here a just a few.

📷 Julie Laiyman


First of all is the aesthetic value of art and the principals concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty. Of course, everyone’s perception of beauty is different which makes the pastime of art collecting a journey of self-discovery too. Good art, much like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder and so it may take a while to find out what you like. What happens in your mind when you see a piece of art? How does it affect your mood, beliefs, and attitude towards life?  What is it that speaks of beauty to you?

The Expression of Personality and Emotion

Connected to aesthetics, is the personality and taste of the viewer of the artwork. Art that strikes a chord with you may not strike the same chord with someone else. The great debate about “What is Art?” rages on. The opinions of others are not that important when collecting art. If you like it and it moves you, makes you think or brings you peace, this is as much an expression of your personality as what you say or do. A room filled with art that moves you is a visual expression of your distinctive character.

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Support the Arts and Living Artists

Many art collectors start collecting artwork because they understand the importance of art in a healthy society. Besides the intrinsic value to the collector in terms of casting light on their inner lives and enhancing their emotional world, they understand that art has a much wider impact. In support of this, art collectors play an important role in strengthening the art industry which in turn supports talented artists and society in a tangible way.

What’s more, there is a certain feel-good factor that arises out of knowing that you are supporting artists and allowing them to make a living out of what they love, or are driven to create. Those of us, who cannot create these works, appreciate those who can and their effect on the world. So much more than the mass production of a master, an original artwork or limited edition print has value beyond its cost.

📷Martino Peitropo

Collecting Art is an Absorbing Hobby

The excitement of the search, the thrill at finding something that you love, the enjoyment of being part of the art world is what makes collecting art such a pleasurable hobby. Now, with just a few clicks you have access to international artists of all genres. Some collectors are generalists, accumulating all styles and mediums from photography to oil paints to prints, while others focus on specific genres or movements. Some simply pick that which indulges their senses. Whatever your particular criteria – it’s a gratifying pastime!

📷Orlova Maria styled with Ellie Hesse’s Horsefair Print

Interior Styling

It almost goes without saying that decorating our living spaces is a major reason for collecting art. Hanging art that you love on your walls instead of seeing it in a gallery is a sublime experience. You get to live with the art and express yourself in the space you reside. Often, a piece of art is the final connection in interior design, bringing the space together in a unique and very personal way. Interior designers frequently work with art collectors and their spaces or sometimes choose for their customers in line with their aesthetics.


Art as an Investment

Most people collect art for sheer enjoyment. At the higher end of the market, it can also be a financial investment. If the artist becomes really well known, the value of the piece will increase proportionately. Defined by portfolio managers as a ‘passion investment’, art can offer greater value for investors seeking to expand and diversify their financial portfolio into newer markets. Like any investment, it is not risk-free, and perhaps should not be the only motivation for collecting art.

Start collecting artwork

Many art collectors wish they had started earlier. These days art is accessible to anyone with disposable income. For this reason, there is an increasing trend amongst people in their 20’s to start collecting artwork.

If you would like to start collecting art, take a look through our gallery of limited edition prints and original artwork. Perhaps something will take your fancy.

We provide high-quality, affordable art; from a small community of selected artists whose work we love and hope you will too – whether you are just starting out or an established art collector.

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